Festival Year 2007


“The mother of Forrest Gump would say a filmfest is the same as a box of candies. Indeed, you never know what you get at a festival. You just cannot know it. You become a pearl-diver. This is what makes a festival that exiting.”
20cent, November 6, 2007, Heiko Nemitz (daily newspaper, Cottbus)

“Its exotic does not come from overseas, but just from next-door: The FilmFestival Cottbus is the little counterpart to the Berlinale. Its lovers come from all over the world to the province in Brandenburg. It unifies the craving for new pictures- from the East of Europe.”
Märkische Allgemeine, November 6, 2007, Barbara Breuer (daily newspaper, Potsdam)

„Very personal stories about emancipation, the fear of failure and the search for happiness did form the contributions of the five days of the Festival of East European film in Cottbus.”
Märkische Allgemeine, November 12, 2007, Barbara Breuer (daily newspaper, Potsdam)

„Unless it rarely does find place on German screens: The cinema in East-Europe does still exist and blossoms amazingly- as you now can experience again in Cottbus.”
Märkische Allgemeine, November 6, 2007, Hans-Günther Dicks (daily newspaper, Potsdam)

"50 unmissable film festivals -These global events rank as must – attends:
Of the planet’s 1,000 – plus film fests, only a few pack industry impact. A few dozen more, by virtue of vision, originality, striking setting, audience zest and /or their ability to mine a unique niche, also rank as must- attends."
Variety, September 7, 2007

"The variety of films on offer at Cottbus makes this an unique and wide-ranging event and accounts for the viewers’s enthusiasm."
Cineeuropa.org., November 13, 2007 , Bénédicte Prot

"The Cottbus Film Festival is the international film festival with a focus on the East European cinema, which continously supports and promotes authors from the region since 17 years. In the avalanche of the commercial films around the UK cinemas. It was inspiring to look at these films which provide quality films regardless their bugdet."
Interfilm, November 12, 2007, Milja Radovnic

"Indeed, quite apart from its exellence in so many other ways, one of the basic virtues of Cottbus is that it simply reminds us that, in spite of all the immense difficulties of one kind or another faced by the countries of the former Eastern bloc and Soviet Union, they still manage to produce films- moreover, films which,... are both eminently cinematic and highly revealing about the culture within which they were produced."
FIPRESCI, 2007, Julian Petley
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