Section: Homeland/Domownja/Domizna



Karl Vouk
Austria, 2018, 12 Min

From nature to open-cast mining and back: forests and villages are replaced by extensive open-cast mining, which ends in artificial ponds. On the soundtrack, however, natural and industrial sounds are reversed – a sign that something is amiss.

Karl Vouk

After the cycles "Satkula" (a small river in Lusatia) and "Schwarzwasser/Čornica" (black water), exhibitions in Cottbus and Bautzen, as well as the Sorbian-Carinthian-Slovenian art project "Přechod/Übergang/Prehod" (transition), the Carinthian artist Karl Vouk deals again with environmental destruction and loss of homeland in Lusatia. In his experimental video he works with pairs of opposites such as nature-industry, dead-living and not least image and sound, which – juxtaposed – counteract one another. A deliberately arranged disturbance – and it's no coincidence that it’s weasels that call out from a pond at Dissen about dead wastelands. GL

DCP | Dok. | Farbe / Colour
Karl Vouk
Fabris Šulin
Dean Stojčić
Fabris Šulin
Karl Vouk
Karl Vouk
Karl Vouk,
Rinkolach/Rinkole 24
9150 Bleiburg/Pliberk
+43 650 38 22 324
Karl Vouk

Karl Vouk - born in 1958 in Klagenfurt, Austria. Artist. He studied architecture in Vienna at the Technical University and the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1986. His activities as an artist are very diverse: drawing, painting, object art, photography, art in public spaces, curatorial activities, exhibitions. NATURE_NATURE is his debut film.

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