Russia, 2017, 58 Min

Every war has its media, including the one in Donetsk: a Russian documentary which includes radio, TV and video games and sends a young man on a mission to find an answer to the question of "Why stay and not go?”. Together with Gleb, ETERNAL LIFE wants to give a neutral view on life in the embattled city.

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To begin with: statements by young teens about whether they want eternal life. Reality doesn't look like that: there have been battles in Donetsk up to the present day (2017) and they will soon also be conscripted for military service. Which side they will fight on remains vague. They live in the so-called Donezkaya Narodnaya Respublika (DNR), but "Ukraine" still has to appear on international envelopes. Until then, they are mainly one thing: polite, interested young citizens and passionate gamers. While what they experience on the screen – a video game, for example, in which the airport has to be conquered – is not only mixed in Alexey Telnov's documentary film with reports on the hostilities by TV and radio, but also with the everyday observations that Gleb makes as a private mail distributor travelling across the destroyed city. Whether the opera house or tram depot, playground or an apartment building in ruins: the war in "Novorossiya" seems particularly pointless for those who are clinging on to their homeland. BW

DCP | Dok. | Farbe / Colour
Maria Oshmianskaya, Alexey Telnov
Artem Ignatov, Denis Aleksanyan
Nikolay Nazhimov, Ivan Zhupanov
Svetlana Pechenykh, Alexey Telnov
Alexey Telnov
St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Ant!pode Sales & Distribution
Evgeniya Chulkova
38, 5 Novolesnoy Lane
127055 Moscow
+7 91 60 27 26 49

AlexeyTelnov - is a producer of numerous documentaries. He graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, after which he worked several years as a production manager at the film studio "Lenfilm" in St. Petersburg. He also spent several years at the production studio "KinoFabrika". Since 2007 he is technical director of the St. Petersbug Documentary Film Studio "Lendoc".

TSURTSULA (2014, doc)
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