Feature Film Competition

Ten (to a maximum of twelve) of the best contributions from the current East European film production here are given their German première and compete for the main award, the glass award sculpture LUBINA. The competition admits the respective directors′ first to fifth feature film.

Short Feature Competition

This competition provides an independent platform for the discovery and promotion of young film makers. Approximately ten to fifteen contributions (with a maximum running time of thirty minutes each) will be presented during the traditional “Long Night of the Shorts”.

U18 Youth Film Competition

Cinema for young people as a cross-border experience: The tri-national competition offers the unique opportunity to view current films for young people (full-length and mid-length works) from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. A jury of pupils from the cities Cottbus, Zielona Góra and Teplice, ...


This section invites the audience to discover new productions beyond mainstream cinema by way of current works by either newcomers or already well-established directors as well as in the form of international co-productions – catching a glimpse of tomorrow′s trends.


After completing a series on cultural diversity within Eastern Europe as well as exploring “Eastern Europe by Cities”, the festival’s 2016 editions departs for new horizons in its upcoming Focus series.


From politically volatile film series to 360°-cinema under the planetarium dome. From the extraordinary art project to screenings at historically significant venues, the section casts a new and innovative light on the medium of film. 2016 two Specials explore historical identity fractures in ...

Russkiy Den

The “Russian Day” is fully dedicated to Eastern Europe′s most productive film industry: Witness the year′s highlights from Russia compacted into one festival day, from genre film to art cinema, from blockbuster to experimental film.

Polskie Horyzonty

News from the neighbour – cinematic discoveries from within Poland′s vibrant film industry, presented in partnership with T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival Wrocław, the country′s largest and most important film festival.

Homeland | Domownja

Home | Domownja is a new programme section from 2014 on. This section, which combines the small programmes “Location Lausitz” and “Home | Domownja. Sorbian Life in Film.”, presents films that are related to the region in different ways – either productions by authors from ...

National Hits

The name sets the tone: Productions that are commercially successful in their countries of origin, yet hardly known abroad, here often are presented for the first time outside their native country. Eastern European blockbusters conquer their audience – and are equally popular with both the general ...

Children's Film

Each festival day offers special films for our youngest guests. From cinema classics to current productions for young viewers, the programme introduces children to the medium of film in an entertaining way. Following the screenings, they are invited to media-educational talks with film professionals ...

Cottbus FilmShow

This popular competition offers a unique forum for amateur and semi-professional filmmakers from Brandenburg, Berlin and the Saxon part of Lusatia. It is a large canvas for works from all genres with a maximum length of 15 minutes.