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Cottbus in Odessa

2016-07-15 Cottbus in Odessa

From 15th to 23rd July the Ukrainian harbour town of Odessa will see this year´s edition of the Odessa International Film Festival. Programme director Bernd Buder will join the festival.
Cottbus in the Czech Republic

2016-07-05 Cottbus in the Czech Republic

Within the framework of this year´s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, industry guests, filmmakers and cinéastes from all over the world are to came together on the occasion of the 15th East European Brunch.
  • Cottbus at the “Kozzi Dymny Himilsbach” film and theatre festival

    Cottbus at the “Kozzi Dymny Himilsbach” film and theatre festival

    From 6th to 10th July, the “Kozzi Dymny Himilsbach” film and theatre festival in Cottbus’ Polish partner city Zielona Góra will take place. The FilmFestival Cottbus will present several contemporary German films.
  • Cottbus in Karlovy Vary

    Cottbus in Karlovy Vary

    From 1st to 9th July, the renowned A-festival will take place for the 51st time in Karlovy Vary. Among the directors in the various competition sections are a few names which are also familiar in Cottbus.
  • GRANDMA’S DAY in Durban

    GRANDMA’S DAY in Durban

    The Polish short film GRANDMA’S DAY (DZIE’N BABCI) won the main prize in the International Short Film Competition at the 37th Durban International Film Festival (16th-26th June)
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