Program 2010


2010-11-01 | 19.30 | Stadthalle Cottbus
Cottbus Film Show
(8. Cottbuser FilmSchau)
2010-11-02 | 17.00 | UCI Kinowelt - Saal 8
U18 - German-Polish Competition Youth Film
A small East German town. The young outsiders Richy and Tim do not belong here. Together with the charismatic Marco, they escape from their dull everyday lives into a dream world. When Richy falls in love and the fantasy world collides with reality, an attempt to break away has fatal consequences.
2010-11-02 | 17.00 | Kammerbühne
Baku, 1989. A group of young men dress up as famous cartoon characters and pose for photographs with passers-by on the beach promenade for a bit of cash. But the idyll soon starts to fade as the Soviet Union collapses and nationalist tensions suddenly erupt. Nostalgic portrait of youth at a time of upheaval.
2010-11-02 | 19.00 | Staatstheater Cottbus - Großes Haus
(Festival Opening with Film 2010)
2010-11-02 | 20.00 | UCI Kinowelt - Saal 9
Gavrilo, a Bosnian refugee, has a mother and her baby in his taxi. The young woman makes a sudden move to jump from the bridge, leaving the young child in the car – the first in a chain of cataclysmic events in whose wake a cool high school teacher, a young couple, a good-natured prostitute and a priest are also caught up. Various interwoven stories from present-day Belgrade in the style of Robert Altmans SHORT CUTS, but with Balkan humour. A beautiful declaration of love for the Serbian city, with Anica Dobra and Branka Katic (DILLINGER) in leading roles.
2010-11-02 | 22.00 | Kammerbühne
Three mates muddle along, pilfering scrap metal and going drinking. – A refugee who returns to his house in Bosnia, now occupied by other people. – The morning after a party and the day after it. – The daily route taken by an old man to the town cinema. – The daily life of a woman in Belgrade. – A band that will soon be changing its repertoire?
(Crossing the East I)
2010-11-03 | 10.00 | Stadthalle Cottbus
Children´s Film
Ten-year-old Alfons Zitterbacke is a remarkable character, brimming with ideas and energy. Always on the lookout for adventure, he amazes everyone around him. He gets everyone in a spin as well. The comedy is based on the classic childrens book of the same name by Gerhard Holtz-Baumert.
2010-11-03 | 12.00 | Stadthalle Cottbus
Russian Day
The elderly Bibinur has received a prophecy that her life will end very soon. As she now attempts to settle her debts quickly, some business people come to the village who wish to sell an old cemetery. Rare insights into the world and mythology of the Tartars – in consummate artistry.
2010-11-03 | 12.00 | Kammerbühne
Nikoloz is serving a sentence in a New York prison for a crime he did not commit. At the same time, a Parisian photographer is making her way to the USA to be near to the prisoner. When asked why, they both reply: "For love".
2010-11-03 | 12.00 | Kammerbühne
Georgian women work in New York illegally and under difficult conditions caring for elderly people. Despite longing desperately for home, there are occasional attempts to take a little pleasure in life.

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