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Márk Kostyál
Hungary, 2017, 131 Min

An action film that turned into a political issue. In this gripping Eastern, an idealistic banker from Budapest inherits his grandfather’s house in a rural backwater. There, different rules apply: intimidation and violence. Certain parallels to reality are inevitable.

It starts like a Bud Spencer film. A gigantic man defends his land against the superior forces of policemen and bailiffs. Such a thoroughly choreographed fight scene has surely never been seen in Hungarian cinema. Then director Márk Kostyál dials it down for a bit. A young middle-class couple: Misi is a banker, Eszter a teacher. They want to extend the grandfather’s humble house in the provinces, but local big wig Szojka has other ideas. First, he attempts to buy Misi’s loyalty and when that fails, he resorts to brutal violence. The local authorities, judges and policemen are already all in his pocket.

A genre film about an omnipotent puppet-master who to more than just a few viewers bears similarities to the Orbán crony Lörinc Mészaros, a man who in the past years enriched himself to an incredible extent. Accordingly, producer Gabor Kalomista withdrew the film from the Hungarian Film Week in March 2017. COYOTE started virtually without any advertising and achieved an audience of only 1,667 on the first weekend. Yet because film reviewers hyped the film, the production company uploaded it for free to YouTube where it was watched by over 120,000 users. In February 2018, the film made its way back to cinemas. JT

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Balázs Lengyel, Balázs Lovas, Márk Kostyál
Attila Csoboth, Márk Kostyál
Tamás Beke
Mano Csillag
Renátó Cseh
Márk Moldvai
András Mészáros, Mária Dobra, László Mátray, Frigyes Kovács, Attila Bocsárszky, Levente Orbán, Lili Monori, Lehel Salat, Gabi Szabó
Dorottya Helmeczy
Megafilm Dorottya Helmeczy Mesterházi u. 10. 1116, Budapest Hungary 36 (30) 328-00 71
HNFF World Sales
Katalin Vajda
Róna utca 174.
Márk Kostyál

Márk Kostyál - born in 1976 in Esztergom, Hungary. Actor and director. After his studies he worked in advertising for many years. COYOTE is his feature film debut – both as a director and as a cameraman.

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