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Das Märchen vom goldenen Taler

Das Märchen vom goldenen Taler

Cüneyt Kaya
Germany, 2020, 60 Min

Brave Anna Barbara from the village of Überall goes in search of the golden thaler, a coin supposedly in the possession of rag collector Hans Geiz. She follows him into his underworld and there makes the acquaintance of the little cleaner. Together they look for the golden thaler and end up finding the love of their lives.

Everywhere in the village there is sadness and despondency. This wasn't always the case however. For many years the golden thaler brought wealth and luck to the village, that was until the rag collector stole it. Anna Barbara goes in search of him and, indeed, Hans Geiz has the golden thaler in his possession. However, Anna Barbara has to complete three tasks before he will hand it over. In the underworld she makes the acquaintance of the little cleaner. Dependent on the latter's help, she agrees to marry him. The cleaner prepares some heated cleaning water for her and yet, busily though Anna Barbara might clean, the thaler remains elusive. Eventually she discovers it in a chunk of bread. The little cleaner has meanwhile worn himself out however and appears to be on the verge of death. Anna Barbara confesses her love to him. The thaler crumbles and the little cleaner turns into the young Stefan. They return to the village together with other children who once fell under the spell of the rag collector, leaving Hans Geiz and his junk behind. Redaktion: Anja Hagemeier (rbb), Anke Sperl (rbb), Michaela Herold (Radio Bremen) / ARD  / Text: RBB

DCP | Farbe / color
Heike Brückner von Grumbkow, Jörg Brückner
Ralf Noack
Dirk-Teo Schäfer
Maren Unterburger
Sebastian Wurm
Marian Lux
Valerie Sophie Körfer, Frida Brandenburg, Justus Czaja, Dominique Horwitz, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Stephan Grossmann, Dennenesch Zoudé, Sandro Fioravanti
Alexander Thies, Gabriele Jung, Clemens Schaeffer, Marc Schneider
NFP neue film produktion GmbH
Global Screen
Alexandra Heidrich
80331 München
Cüneyt Kaya

Cüneyt Kaya -

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