Daria Kashcheeva
Czech Republic, 2019, 15 Min

A daughter by her father's deathbed. Memories come flooding back: of how he couldn't find the time to help her save a bird, since otherwise the pasta would have been over-cooked. How disappointed she was. A protocol of a search for intimacy, impressively captured with a hand-held camera and in stop-motion.

At the bedside the daughter remembers a day from her childhood. She had found an injured bird and sought comfort from her father, who was cooking. Instead of hugging her, the father just kept stirring the contents of his pots. The daughter has, to this day, yet to overcome the disappointment. This stop-motion film, captured magnificently with a hand-held camera, allows the two paper-mache protagonists to wander silently through different times and across different planes. The combination of such an unusual narrative together with such stirring imagery saw the film this year win the Student Oscar, one of many awards it has received. CF

Daria Kashcheeva
alexander KASHCHEEV
petr VRBA
Zuzana Roháčová
FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague Smetanovo nábřeží 2, 116 65 Prague, Czech Republic
MAUR film
Luce Grosjean
Miyu Distribution
+336 63 76 62 12
Daria Kashcheeva

Daria Kashcheeva -

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