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Dersaadet Apartmani

Dersaadet Apartment

Tankut Kilinç
Turkey, 2020, 90 Min

A city loses its identity: after his parents are killed in a car accident Altan returns to Istanbul from the USA. The face of the city is changing however: His parents' house is also to be demolished in order to make way way for a profitable new construction. “Hasar Millennium Residence” comes before soul, and sales before home in this city tour with an angry mind and deep-seated feeling of sadness.

The representative Art Nouveau building is the only thing that remains of Altan's home after the sudden death of his parents. The house however has been rented out whilst the former  neighbourhood around it has already disappeared. Tankut Kılınç's first feature film combines a coming to terms with mourning with a reflection on the scars of gentrification, with the fitting introverted yet agile soundtrack provided by the Istanbul-based independent oriental dub band Baba Zula. “İstanbul, the city where I live, is fighting for its life. The great history and culture of the city are set for destruction under rapid overdevelopment under rent-seeking urban renewal initiatives. As the city is destroyed, in a sense, so are the people in it. The City of the Seven Hills, the poetic heart of two continents, is about to drown in metal and concrete. I had to speak out against this process: With DERSAADET APARTMENT, I want to call out to people to protect their own cities and their identities.“ 

Selda Oknas , Tankut KilInc
Makara Film
Tankut KilInc
Tankut Kilinç

Tankut Kilinç -

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