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Ztraceni v Mnichově

Lost in Munich

Petr Zelenka
Czech Republic, 2015, 107 Min

When Daladier, Chamberlain, Hitler and Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement in September 1938 they were blissfully unaware that the French Prime Minister's parrot Sir P. was paying close attention. Seventy years later the talkative bird is kidnapped by Pavel Liehm, a journalist going through a mid-life crisis. Or is it not so and we have been watching a movie instead?

Lucky Man Films

“Czechs stink”, “Beneš is a fool!” It's with outbursts such as these that the former French Prime Minister's feathered friend provokes a sense of outrage that almost boils over into a diplomatic crisis between France and the Czech Republic. Behind the scenes there are also tensions between Czechs and the French, giving rise to age-old prejudice. Time and again the absurd occurs; the leading actor develops an allergy to the Munich Agreement, prompting the director to take a closer look at the events of almost eighty years ago and challenge the stereotypes and myths that have persisted through the ages and are now threatening to bring his film project to a premature end.

Petr Zelenka skillfully juggles several narratives, the result an original and pleasantly unpredictable approach to the complex issue of how age-old stereotypes of national character influence our perceptions of the past, proving himself in the process to be a master of high-brow entertainment. CF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Ondřej Nekvasil
Alexander Šurkala
Michal Holubec
Vladimír Barák
Ondřej Nekvasil
Matouš Hejl
Martin Myšička, Marek Taclík, Jitka Schneidrová, Stanislas Pierret, Jana Plodková, Václav Neužil, Tomáš Bambušek
David Ondříček
Lucky Man Films
Czech Television, Barrandov Studio
Lucky Man Films
Barbora Ligasová
Na Maninách 1590/29
17000 Prague
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420.77.485.70 70
Petr Zelenka

Petr Zelenka - born 1967 in Prague, ČSSR. During his studies at FAMU he worked as a script editor and director of film productions. His debut feature film MŇÁGA - HAPPY END won several international awards, including the Findling Award at FilmFestival Cottbus in 1996. His subsequent films have earned him international acclaim and proved box-office hits both at home and abroad.

MŇÁGA - HAPPY END (1996, Cottbus 1996)
ROK ĎÁBLA (2002)

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