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Houston, imamo problem!

Houston, we have a problem!

Žiga Virc
Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Qatar, 2016, 88 Min

Did socialist Yugoslavia really have a clandestine space programme, sold by Tito to the Americans in a multi-million dollar deal? Has director Žiga Virc shed light on one of the Cold War's last remaining secrets? Rarely does a film manoeuvre so successfully between fact and fiction.

CAT & Docs

Back in the sixties Tito negotiated a secret deal with NASA, as part of which he sold the Yugoslav space system to the USA. In return socialist Yugoslavia reaped billions of dollars in overseas aid, leading to a boom the likes of which the region had never witnessed before. That is until the Americans realised that the programme was nothing more than a work in progress. Several of those involved were even forced to emigrate to the United States, where they adopted new identities. At home they were declared either missing or presumed deceased. It is to meet one of these individuals that the film's crew heads to the USA, returning with him to the sites where this lost chapter from the Cold War played out.

Director Žiga Virc draws on both archive material and interviews with the likes of philosopher Slavoj Žižek as he playfully interweaves conspiracy theories, Cold War era falsehoods and a sobering reality. JT

DCP | Farbe / colour & s/w / b/w
Žiga Virc, Boštjan Virc
Andrej Virc
Matjaž Moraus Zdešar, Julij Zornik
Vladimir Gojun
Miha Ferkov, Tadej Boštjančič, Matjaž Kranj
Josip Broz Tito, Slavoj Žižek, John F. Kennedy, Damir Vidović, Marijan F. Kranjc, W. A. Harriman, Michael Manske
Boštjan Virc
Studio Virc
Nukleus Film, Sutor Kolonko
CAT & Docs
Maëlle Guenegues
18, rue Quincampoix
75004 Paris
Tel.: +33.1.4461.77 48
Žiga Virc

Žiga Virc - born 1987 in Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2010, TRST JE NAŠ! was selected as a finalist for the Best Foreign Short Film category at the Student Academy Awards. He has directed numerous award-winning commercials, documentary and fiction films.

AMOR MAGISTER OPRIMUS (2007, short, doc)
NEBO NAD BLOKOM (2008, short)
TRST JE NAŠ! (2010, short)
VOJNE IGRE (2012, doc)
MIRA MARKO (2013, short, doc)
OPTIMISTI (2015, short, doc)

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