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Filip Kovačević
Serbia, 2016, 82 Min

Sat on a bench in broad daylight a young man regains consciousness, without the slightest clue as to his identity. Whereupon four masked assassins set upon and kill him. Only for him to reawaken and be faced with his pursuers anew; caught in a time warp, unable to explain the who, why or how.


VOID Pictures

The initial repetition of events is reminiscent of GROUNDHOG DAY: A nameless individual wakes up time and again on one and the same bench, on the same square, surrounded by the same people. And it doesn't last long until four assassins, masked in white, pursue him across the city. Each time he tries different escape routes, gradually coming to the understanding that he's caught up in a game in which he possesses multiple lives: despite his inevitable death, his accumulated memory appears to be bringing him closer to the truth. Is he really an innocent victim, or in fact the carrier of a dark secret?

This suspense-packed, unsettling mystery thriller is the directing debut of Filip Kovačević, a student not only of film, but also theoretical mathematics. Thus whilst he might not know all the answers, he certainly poses a number of thought-provoking questions about the complex associations that make up the human existence. CF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Filip Kovačević, Maša Seničić, Ivan Stančić
Uroš Milutinović
Zoran Maksimović, Ognjen Popić
Đorđe Stanković
Andrea Miletić, Sibin Aćimović
Draško Adžić
Stojan Đorđević, Dejan Cicmilović, Tihomir Stanić, Dača Vidosavljević, Sten Zendor, Vidan Dojčinović, Lazar Đukić, Žarko Stepanov
Filip Kovačević
VOID pictures
Viktorija Film
VOID Pictures
Filip Kovačević
Karposeva 81
11000 Belgrade
Filip Kovačević

Filip Kovačević - born 1989 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He studied theoretical mathematics at the University of Belgrade, graduating in 2016. During his studies he worked on the development and production of his first feature film INKARNACIJA, together with a team from the university's Faculty of Dramatic Arts. 

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