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Chelovek iz budushego

The Man from the Future

Roman Artemyev
Russia, 2016, 75 Min

“Only fifty minutes to go until the end of the world, please head to the check-out!”, thus goes the instruction that rings out from the loudspeakers of a Moscow supermarket. When cashier Gulya shuts up the shop and resolves to prepare for the apocalypse, a naked individual appears from amongst the aisles to claim that he has arrived from the future with the task of saving the planet.

CTB Film Company

Originally from Bishkek, Gulya is supposedly the chosen mother of the saviour, whom he, Alexander Merkuriev, is to impregnate. The morning after however it soon becomes clear that Alexander ended up in the wrong supermarket with the wrong Gulya. The right Gulya, who is actually from Tashkent, cannot keep the revelation to herself on learning of her destiny, and wastes no time in breaking the story to the media. This in turn proves such a sensation that even the Presidential Administration of Russia gets involved. All involved are soon brought back to earth however when a headmistress from a provincial town turns up with the news that Merkuriev is in fact a teacher of physics at her school.

In this, his debut feature film, Roman Artemyev takes a humorous look at mankind's, and no less contemporary Russians' willingness to believe the most outlandish of theories, as well as the disposition of political elites to exploit this naivety. MM

DCP | Farbe / colour
Roman Artemyev, Mikhail Yarovikov
Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Vladimir Golovnin
Aleksandr Amirov
Eduard Galkin
Anton Silaev
Aleksandr Chislov, Seseg Khapsasova, Mariya Skornitskaya, Dmitry Blokhin, Ivan Dobronravov, Aleksandr Bashirov
Sergey Selyanov
CTB Film Company
CTB Film Company
Daniel Goroshko
Kamennoostrovsky pr. 10
197101 St. Petersburg
Tel.: +7.812.326.83 30
Roman Artemyev

Roman Artemyev - born 1980 in Glazov, USSR. He graduated in acting from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Moscow, in 2003 and later made a successful career of acting. In 2007, he made his directing debut with the short film TASYA, which received several awards at festivals across the Russian Federation.

TASYA (2007, short)
SPASITEL (2013, short)

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