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Ivan I. Tverdovskiy
Russia, France, Germany, 2016, 87 Min

Akin to Kafka's Gregor Samsa, zoo employee Natasha finds herself transformed into an animal of sorts, as she grows a tail which proves a source of excitement, uncertainty and terror amongst her contemporaries, whilst throwing up questions that neither institutionalised religion nor medicine are able to find answers to...

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Natasha works for the local zoo; one day she collapses in front of her colleagues who, generally speaking, don't take her especially seriously. Hiding the exact nature of what occurred from her mother, an X-ray soon brings the truth to light: she's growing a tail. This is no problem for her radiologist however, and an unlikely, at times somewhat farcical love affair blossoms alongside the protagonist's growing social alienation.

Tverdovskiy's ZOOLOGIYA can be interpreted as both comedy and surreal farce, with its references to divergent sexual practice, a broken healthcare system and the failures of the church. At the same time however, and in a similar vein to the heroine as outsider portrayed in his previous work KLASS KORREKTSII, the director elaborates a character that challenges general perceptions of what constitutes social normality. BW

DCP | Farbe / colour
Ivan I. Tverdovskiy
Alexander Mikeladze
Frédéric Théry
Ivan I. Tverdovskiy, Vincent Assmann
Natalia Pavlenkova, Dmitri Groshev, Irina Chipizhenko, Maria Tokareva
Natalia Mokritskaya, Mila Rozanova, Uliana Savelieva, Guillame de Seille, Esther Friedrich, Alex Weimer, Maria Lavnikovich
New People Film Company
MovieBrats Pictures, Arizona Productions
New Europe Film Sales
Jan Naszewski
Ul. Czerniakowska 73/79
00-718 Warsaw
Tel: +48.600.17.32 05
Ivan I. Tverdovskiy

Ivan I. Tverdovskiy - born 1988 in Moscow, USSR. He graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), and later garnered international plaudits for his short documentary films. His feature film debut KLASS KORREKTSII received three awards at the FilmFestival Cottbus in 2014, including the Main Prize for Best Film.

SLOVNO ZHDU AVTOBUSA (2009, short, doc)
PIANIZM (2012, doc)
SOBACHIY KAYF (2013, short, doc)
KLASS KORREKTSII (2014, Cottbus 2014)

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