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Must Alpinist

Ghost Mountaineer

Urmas Eero Liiv
Estonia, 2015, 103 Min

At the end of the Soviet era a heterogeneous group of Estonian students sets off to the mountains at the border to Mongolia, in search of a two week adventure. Yet soon the events take an unexpected turn and the youngsters are forced to confront a set of spine-chilling challenges.


In 1989, on the brink of the collapse of the Soviet Union, a group of Estonian students sets off on an expedition to the wintery Siberian Mountains in the search of the jade gemstone and adventure. The trip, that starts so lightheartedly, soon takes a turn for the worst. The group's differing backgrounds, motives and the resulting power struggle bring tension, disagreements within and eventually the loss of their leader...

What happens next seems to be an overpowering challenge for the group, already exhausted and distraught, and now faced not only with the forces of nature, but also the mystical Buryatian mights and ghosts as well as the excessive regional bureaucratic powers and their own inner monsters.

Based on real-life events, the debut feature of director Urmas Eero Liiv takes the spectator to a suspenseful world of horror, thrill and mystery. GS

DCP | Farbe / colour
Urmas Eero Liiv
Ants Martin Vahur
Horret Kuus, Olger Bernadt
Urmas Eero Liiv, Tambet Tasuja
Tiit Kikas
Priit Pius, Liis Lass, Hanna Martinson, Vadim Andreev, Reimoo Sagor, Rait Õunapuu, Veiko Porkanen
Anneli Ahven
Kopli Kinokompanii
Geremia Biagiotti
Via Buccari, 16
00195 Rome
Tel.: +39.333.330.50 54
Urmas Eero Liiv

Urmas Eero Liiv - born 1966 in Pärnu, USSR. Before he graduated in directing from the Tallinn University in 1998, he studied genetics and cytology in Tartu and worked as a biology teacher. The Estonian filmmaker worked as screenwriter, editor and director of documentary films. MUST ALPINIST is his feature film debut.

INIMENE KADUS (2000, short, doc)
TEINE ARNOLD (2002, doc)

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