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Socialistický Zombie Mord

Socialist Zombie Massacre

Rastislav Blažek, Peter Čermák, Zuzana Paulini
Slovakia, 2014, 94 Min

The world of film has certainly never witnessed anything like this before: bloodthirsty zombies go on the rampage in a socialist-era school, surrounded by placard newspapers, Lenin busts and Husák portraits. They are out to kill their classmates, prim and proper members of the union of youth. An unconventional genre film not for the faint of heart.

Dark Stone

In 1968, along with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia crates of a strange gas were smuggled into the country; those who inhale the gas find themselves transformed into zombies. This exact substance is used years later for military education at a Slovak school, where the children are to learn how to work with gas masks. The training isn't taken especially seriously, many of the masks don't even fit, and thus it doesn't take long before an extraordinary, though deadly serious game of cat and mouse begins. In self-defence two childhood friends defiantly take to arms, or more precisely the caretaker's electronic chain saws, and soon find themselves behaving just as savagely as the walking dead they set out to defeat.

A film produced with a miniscule budget and bags of enthusiasm, the end result is given life by the fact that its improvised nature shines through. Those with nerves of steel and an affinity for the unconventional are guaranteed their money's worth! CF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Rastislav Blažek, Peter Čermák, Zuzana Paulini, Igor Kovács
Peter Čermák, Pavol Krchňák, Igor Kovács
Julián Ratica
Zuzana Paulini
Tomáš Kraus
Sonic Fire
Denisa Rőtlingová, Viktor Gschweng, Veronika Valentovičová, Boris Biťukov, Tibor Zvonár, Hanka Harenčárová, Peter Lévay
Pavol Krchňák
Dark Stone
Dark Stone
Pavol Krchňák
Závadská 12
83106 Bratislava
Rastislav Blažek, Peter Čermák, Zuzana Paulini

Rastislav Blažek, Peter Čermák, Zuzana Paulini -
Rastislav Blažek

– born 1976 in Bratislava, ČSSR. A screenwriter, he graduated from the Academy of Animation (UAT) in Bratislava. Blažek is the founder of production company Tichý dom.

Peter Čermák 
- born 1980 in Bratislava, ČSSR. He is a freelance screenwriter and director.

Zuzana Paulini
– born 1979 in Bratislava, ČSSR. The animation artist has specialised as a theatrical makeup artist since 2014, in the capacity of which she has participated in numerous film- and TV productions.

Peter Čermák:
V DOBROM AJ ZLOM (2016, short)

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