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The Carer

János Edelényi
Great Britain, Hungary, 2016, 89 Min

Retired Shakespearean actor Sir Michael Gifford is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Nevertheless he remains as unbearably stubborn and yet amusing as ever. Why therefore should he agree to have Hungarian migrant Dorottya as his carer? An enjoyable comedy full of witty dialogue and charm.

The Yellow Affair

When young Dorottya, a Hungarian now based in England, is driven to one of the giants of the stage she cannot hide her enthusiasm. We are talking, after all, about Sir Michael Gifford, a legendary Shakespearean actor who has made a name for himself in the roles of Hamlet and King Lear, and now needs someone to clean his backside and ensure a fresh supply of adult nappies. Dorottya's actions aren't wholly altruistic however; she has ambitions of becoming an actress herself and these intentions come to the surface during the pair's first encounter. She says career instead of carer, whilst he's not particularly interested whether she's “a bloody Hungarian or Bulgarian”...

JUTALOMJÁTÉK is wonderfully old-fashioned, reminiscent of a screwball comedy. Containing many a moment of rage as these might Brian Cox, generally known to audiences as a thick-skinned warrior from epics such as TROY and BRAVEHEART, is also able to display a light-hearted streak in the role of vain, obstinate hero of yesteryear. His carer Coco König, already having made a name for herself on the stage in both Vienna and Berlin, gives an enchanting performance in this, her big screen debut. JT

DCP | Farbe / colour
Gilbert Adair, Tom Kinninmont, János Edelényi
Tibor Máthé
Adam Recht
Janice Flint
Atti Pacsay
Brian Cox, Coco König, Emilia Fox, Anna Chancellor, Karl Johnson, Andrew Havill, Roger Moore
József Berger, Steve Bowden, Charlotte Wontner
Mythberg Films, Vita Nova Films Ltd., Hopscotch Films
Judit Romwalter
The Yellow Affair
Lehtotie 5
00630 Helsinki
Tel.: +358.0774.03 00
János Edelényi

János Edelényi - born 1968 in Budapest, Hungary. After graduating from the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest as a director and director of photography he initially proved a groundbreaking success with his work for Hungarian TV. Having struggled with censorship, Edelényi emigrated to Israel in 1976. He is a producer, director of photography and screenwriter.

SZERELŐ (1971, short)

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