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Finskiy nozh, persidskaya siren

Finnish Knife, Persian Lilac

Raul Geidarov
Russia, 2015, 13 Min

Young offender Roma has already done time in prison for robbery. In an underground pedestrian crossing he assaults a student and steals his money, soon after which he encounters Olya on a sanatorium beach. His attempts to steal her iPad have an unexpected effect however, as she misinterprets his attentions as an amorous advance.

St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television

Managing to engage the by all means good-looking Roma in conversation, Olya inadvertently catches him unaware, leading to both embarrassment and self-doubt on his behalf. When Olya catches glimpse of his tattooed fingers, Roma admits that he is indeed a thief, whereupon she runs away in panic, completely forgetting her iPad.

With psychological empathy and precise dramatic composition the director narrates how the evolution in our perceptions of the unknown can offer solutions to seemingly hopeless situations. MM

Mp4 | Farbe / colour
Raul Geidarov
Alina Chebotareva
Danila Beltyukov
Raul Geidarov
Igor Dudoladov, Anna Dulova, Elena Chernysh, Vlad Chernyavskiy
Aleksei Zhitinskii
St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television
St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Pravdy Street 13
191119 St. Petersburg
Tel.: +7.812.315.71 42
Raul Geidarov

Raul Geidarov - born in Abinsk, USSR. He studied and lived in the village of Achtyrski before moving to St. Petersburg at the age of 22, where he enrolled at the faculty of Stage Directing at the St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television. FINSKIY NOZH, PERSIDSKAYA SIREN is his graduation film.

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