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Ernelláék Farkaséknál

It's not the time of my life

Szabolcs Hajdu
Hungary, 2016, 81 Min

When, in the middle of the night, Farkas and Eszter are obliged to provide shelter to the latter's sister’s family, long-dormant family disputes are quick to return to the surface in this wonderfully entertaining family drama shot in the director's flat in Budapest.

Filmworks Ltd.

Farkas and Eszter have again fallen out over Bruno: she accuses him of not loving his son, whilst he has felt neglected since Bruno's birth. Before the dispute is given a chance to come to a head there's a knock at the door, heralding the arrival of Eszter's sister Ernella, brother-in-law Albert and the couple's daughter Laura. Having emigrated to Scotland they are now back after a year of struggle. Tensions soon arise however, with Ernella and Albert apparently jealous of the middle-class existence led by their hosts. This is all before the kids fall out, and the disappearance of a significant sum of money...

Director Szabolcs Hajdu's focus is on the functioning of long-term relationships and families. The fact that individuals bound by mutual affection nevertheless needle one another. With the leading roles played by the director, his wife and the couple's two children the film provides an example of how enthralling, refreshing and inventive cinema can be, and all of this in only 81 minutes. JT

DCP | Farbe / colour
Szabolcs Hajdu
Csaba Bántó, Flóra Chilton, Gajdics Dávid, Betti Hejüsz, Márton Kisteleki, Péter Miskolczi, Szalai Márk, Péter Pásztor, Tamas Simon, Gábor Szilágyi, Gergely Tímár, Levente Tóth, K. Kovács Ákos
Bálint Zándoki
Szilvia Papp
Szabolcs Hajdu, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Domokos Szabó, Erika Tankó, Imre Gelányi, Ágota Szilágyi, Lujza Hajdu, Zsigmond Hajdu
Dániel Herner, András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy, Zsófia Muhi
Filmworks Ltd.
FocusFox Studio, Látókép Ensemble
Filmworks Ltd.
Viki Réka Kiss
12. Veress Pálné St.
1053 Budapest
Tel.: +36.70.317.53 74
Szabolcs Hajdu

Szabolcs Hajdu - born 1972 in Debrecen, Hungary. In 2000, he graduated in directing from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. His debut feature film MACERÁS ÜGYEK was the recipient of numerous awards. In addition he works as an actor, screenwriter and has held, as of 2003, several workshops and master classes in acting and directing.

NECROPOLIS (1997, short)
FEHÉR TENYÉR (2006, Cottbus 2006)
DÉLIBÁB (2014)

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