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Kills on Wheels

Attila Till
Hungary, 2016, 105 Min

Having been left paralysed from the waist down by a workplace accident, Rupaszov becomes a contract killer. Acting on behalf of the mafia he takes two physically handicapped young men, Zoli and Barba, under his wing in the process. A refreshingly imaginative blend of coming-of-age, killer and comedy genres.

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Rupaszov makes the acquaintance of Zoli and Barba in a home for disabled persons. No longer able to work as a fireman due to disability, he takes up employment with the mafia, for whom he works as a contract killer in Budapest. All the while he continues to pine for his former girlfriend, who is due to marry her new partner. With his missions becoming ever more daring he recruits Zoli and Barba, hoping the pair's disabilities will provide them a cover of presumed innocence to operate under, a decision that brings him into conflict with mafia boss Radoš.

Hungary's submission to next year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film features a wheelchair-bound killer with heart and soul, as director Attila Till manages to underpin a rough and ready storyline with humour and emotion in a film which blurs the boundaries between imagination, dream and reality. In Hungarian the film was appropriately entitled “From the Heart”. JT

DCP | Farbe / colour
Attila Till
Imre Juhász
Tamás Zányi
Márton Gothár
Márton Ágh
Csaba Kalotás
Zoltán Fenyvesi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Ádám Fekete, Mónika Balsai, Lídia Danis
Judit Stalter
Laokoon Filmgroup
HNFF World Sales
Klaudia Androsovits
Róna utca 174
1145 Budapest
Tel.: +36.1.461.13 53
Attila Till

Attila Till - born 1971 in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. His first short film CSICSKA was nominated for Best European Short film by the EFA in 2011. Till is one of Hungary´s most respected TV personalities.

PÁNIK (2008)
CSICSKA (2011, short, Cottbus 2011)

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