Section: Short Film Competition

Ja zakryvayu glaza

I close my Eyes

Andrey Taratukhin
Russia, 2016, 25 Min

“Close your eyes. What can you hear? What are you thinking? What do you feel at this exact moment? Where are you? With whom, and why?” This fantastically shot portrait provides insight into the inner life of a young woman due to undergo an operation in unconventional imagery that is both dreamlike and yet true to life.

ZEH 83

“When we were little”, begins the woman, “we used to play a game: everyone counted as high as they could and when they stopped, that was the number of years they would live to. I could count to twenty.” During the May Day holidays she learns that she is critically ill and requires a transplant. “We spend our lives in anticipation. I'm tired of waiting for tomorrow. What if there turns out to be no tomorrow? Stop waiting! Close your eyes.” KF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Andrey Taratukhin
Dmitry Shebunin
Stanislav Paushev
Aleksandr Arsenev
Irina Khodyush
Kirill Richter
Nadezhda Zharycheva, Mariana Shults, Aleksandr Oblasov, Roman Sinitsyn, Marishal Milavskaya
Irina Khodyush
ZEH 83
ZEH 83
Lucy Yakovleva
Novy Arbat 21
119019 Moscow
Tel.: +7.903.184.99 91
Andrey Taratukhin

Andrey Taratukhin - born 1983 in USSR. In 2005, he graduated in acting from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in St. Petersburg. Until 2011 he worked as an actor for theatrical, television and film productions. In 2012, he graduated from the directing programme at Artkino in Moscow, Russia.

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