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Robert Seneko
Belarus, 2015, 9 Min

A satirical take on "free" elections: via a notice hung on the wall the house administration issues a call to take part in a vote to determine the next concierge. A young resident, his leg in a plaster cast and thus dependent on crutches, sets off in search of the elusive election office.

ZNiCHKA Productions

His journey takes him through a labyrinth of dusty and cluttered archive rooms. When he finally reaches his goal matters take an unexpected turn: in the midst of documents, potted plants and sandwiches an official provides a monotonous explanation of the absurd voting procedure.

How are elections conducted in authoritarian systems in which there is no vote, since there is no choice? A sarcastic take on a state of affairs that will bring forth memories for some, and in particular those with firsthand experience of the GDR. MM

Mp4 | Farbe / colour
Robert Seneko
Timofey Rashchupkin, Valery Rudnev
Stanislav Rozhansky
Robert Seneko
Elizaveta Krasikova
Yan Losenkov, Andrei Melnikov, Ludmila Mortikova
ZNiCHKA Productions
ZNiCHKA Productions Robert Seneko
Robert Seneko

Robert Seneko - born 1981 in Minsk, Belarus. He has made three short films and has won several awards as a director and writer at international film festivals. He lives in Belarus’ capital and works in the field of video production.

RANDEVU (2012, short)
900 SEKUND (2014, short)

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