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Valery Novichkov
Belarus, 2016, 7 Min

High-tech future? A man leaves his house and heads for the streets. A computerised voice instructs him that he needs to pay his taxes, at which point he suddenly sees the world in nothing but black and white: "If you want to see the world in colour again, head to your nearest tax office and pay".

Valery Novichkov

A company offers services for the future, services our hero also wants to make use of, and yet everything is strangely reminiscent of the omnipresent TV game shows that lure us in with empty promises. How will new technologies transform our lives in the future? Will perhaps even a future President of Belarus be powered by artificial intelligence?

Making use of simple means director Valery Novichkov takes a satirical look at promises of a better future that somehow always turn out the same, regardless of who they come from. MM

HDFile | Farbe / colour & s/w / b/w
Valery Novichkov
Valery Novichkov
Valery Novichkov
Valery Kaberkyn, Pavel Drozdov, Vladymyr Lytovchenko
Valery Novichkov
ALISA Pictures
Valery Novichkov
Valery Novichkov

Valery Novichkov - born in Moscow, USSR. He grew up in Belarus and graduated from the theatre department of the Mogilev College of Arts. In 2015 he founded a film studio focused on the production of fiction films.

KILLERY (2015, short)
OD1N (2016, short)

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