SECTION: Regio: Silesia

Silesia is more. The path of destiny and the challenges between the Wilhelminian period and post-socialism, between two wars and several languages, industrialisation and post-industrial taking stock find their expression in the region history of Upper Silesia. Central European history and structural change from the 20th to the 21st century can be seen here – in a landscape marked by the wounds of various wars and expulsions, which, like the Lausitz region, faces the challenge of bidding farewell to the mining industry as an economic factor that contributes to a sense of identity. The Upper Silesian administrative centre of Katowice was still regarded in the 1980s as the most polluted place in Europe; today, the metropolis has developed into an internationally competitive location for the cultural and conference industry. The 24th UN Climate Conference will be held there in December 2018.

Silesia – in Polish, the name of the administrative district "Śląsk" (Silesia) is synonymous with the region of "Upper Silesia" – has always followed its own cinematic path, with films by old masters such as Kazimierz Kutz and Lech Majewski achieving cult status. With 13 films, Regio: Silesia will be taking a look at tradition and modernity in Silesia as well as its very own identity coming from different cultures with their own special humour and language, and at times cumbersome mindset, and strong regional awareness. This also includes cinematic glimpses into the past and the Czech part of Silesia, to Moravian Silesia with its administrative headquarters in Ostrava. In 2019, the FFC will focusing on the Lower Silesia region. BB

For detailed information on the region Silesia in film, please visit our FESTIVALKatalog.

We would like to thank Silesia-Film for its cooperation and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation and the German Culture Forum for Eastern Europe for their support.

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