SECTION: What´s left?

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How is Eastern Europe coming to terms with the "turn of the times"? What is left of the spirit of optimism after the fall of the Iron Curtain, in times of renewed war? The cinematic journey through former and present hotspots in Eastern Europe shows how people settle into a state of limbo between different promises of the future of the past and a present marked by the realization that all these promises cannot be kept - the industrial reconstruction pathos and revolutionary nation-building myths of socialism, the economic promises and nationalist proclamations of salvation from the 1990s until today. Based on collective and individual ruptures, the films in the WHAT'S LEFT? series discuss the condition humaine in the post-ideological space. The big dreams are over, but not the hope for a new togetherness - as long as one remains curious and meets each other at eye level. In all directions.


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