Nadejda Koseva
Bulgaria, 2018, 96 Min

Everyday gloominess encounters a mother's happiness. The young mother Irina fights for the survival of her family in the Bulgarian province. When she has the opportunity to earn money as a surrogate mother, she doesn't have to think long about it. In her directorial debut, Nadejda Koseva raises moral questions about surrogacy and social conditions en passant; Irina always takes centre stage.

Alpha Violet

Irina has a sweet son, but otherwise, it is not easy for her: they are poor, her husband is unfaithful, and the boss is deceitful. Irina loses her job because she is not accommodating enough. When her husband is then killed in an accident while stealing coal, she is completely at her wit’s end. A "job advertisement" as a surrogate mother comes just at the right time. Worlds collide as the well-off parents get to know the taciturn and unpredictable woman from the country who is supposed to carry "their" child. While life in Sofia apparently works, the people in Irina's village are left to their own devices.

The film accompanies Irina for over a year as played by Martina Apostolova with a rawness and authenticity. In long shots, the camera finds equivalents for the conflicts, with majestic and brutal motorway bridges here, and smooth capital city panoramas there. Despite the delicate subject, IRINA focuses less on moral conflicts and more on concrete human questions. RP

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Svetoslav Ovcharov, Bojan Vuletic, Nadejda Koseva
Kiril Prodanov
Momchil Bozhkov
Nina Altaparmakova
Ivelina Mineva
Martina Apostolova, Hristo Ushev, Irini Jambonas
Stefan Kitanov, Svetla Tsotsorkova
Art Fest
Alpha Violet
Keiko Funato
18 Rue Soleillet
75020 Paris
+33 14 79 73 984
Nadejda Koseva

Nadejda Koseva - born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a director, screenwriter and producer. After graduating as a director from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, she created several short films. IRINA is her feature film debut. In 2005 she founded the production company FRONT FILM together with Svetla Tsotsorkova.

RITUALAT (2005, short, FFC 2006)
OMLET (2009, short)
VTORI DUBEL (2011, short)
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