Annekatrin Hendel
Germany, 2011, 96 Min

Betrayal, is it out of political conviction, coercion or self-interest? There are many possible motives and viewing Paul Gratzik it’s never really possible to say. When he signed himself up for the secret police, he was a young proletarian convinced by socialism. When he broke away he was a writer. This a critical, disturbing and loving portrait.

Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH

“The biggest enemy in the entire country, is and remains the informant” – was what his mother had always told him, he recounts. At the same time, he negates it, he says “We didn’t piss you capitalist off enough … these Ackermanns ...Thyssens … The poor people picking the last crumbs from the bread ... employers … yeah and what do they give us?” Gratzik was a worker, ladies’ man, and a celebrated author of the German Democratic Republic in the 70s. In the 1960s he had joined the Stasi out of conviction and informed on his colleagues, such as Heiner Müller. At the beginning of the 1980s he quit and made his own involvement public. Thereafter he hit rock bottom. At his lonely farmstead in the Uckermark he opens himself up to Annekatrin Hendel, insofar as this gruff maverick can. It’s a life full of power, sensibility and inner conflict, which becomes visible in all its ambivalence and contradictions. Just as his informant history appears – he remains understandable and yet always puzzling. 

DCP | Doc | Farbe / Colour
Annekatrin Hendel
Johann Feindt, Jule Katinka Cramer, Martin Langner, Can Elbasi
Paul Oberle, Nic Nagel, Ludwig Bestehorn
Jörg Hauschild
Louis Rastig
Holly Tischman
IT WORKS! Medien GmbH
ZDF, arte
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Prinzessinnenstraße 29
10969 Berlin
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Annekatrin Hendel

Annekatrin Hendel - born in East Berlin, Germany. After completing her design studies, she initially worked as a freelance costume and set designer for theatre and film. In 1999 she made her debut as a director with the short film CHIQUITA FOR EVER, followed by numerous films made under her direction as a producer, mainly documentaries, but also feature films. In 2004 she founded the "It Works! Medien GmbH".

EIN STAR IM OFF (2000, doc)
FLAKE – MEIN LEBEN (2011, doc)
ANDERSON (2014, doc, FFC 2018)
FASSBINDER (2015, doc)
FAMILIE BRASCH (2018, doc)
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