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Piotr Ryczko
Poland, 2019, 75 Min

Blissful love is an extremely rare and fragile asset. It has a particularly difficult time when forces whose origins cannot be pinpointed precisely then interfere in everyday life. Suddenly, everything that was previously taken for granted is called into question - even one's own identity.

Who am I? Renata is a mother and wife. She and Jan are happily in love. Their son Kamil completes the family bliss. Until the "Happiness" programme is infected. From one day to the next, the seemingly intact world is thrown off track. Renata inevitably has to deal with the question of her own identity and authenticity. Is she the person she always thought she was? Or is she a REN, a Regenerative Emotive Neuro-Being? The questions come thick and fast: are the voices she hears her own thoughts or forces from outside? Is what I see real or just a deceptive image of manipulated perception? Are my loved ones standing by my side or are they just the henchmen of a system? The service agency has detected a malfunction, Renata is threatened with shutdown. There is still hope, but isn't the family therapy already the final visit to the technician? The dystopian psychological drama cleverly balances between horror and science fiction and transports the viewers into a world where they themselves gradually lose the ground beneath their feet. KM

DCP | Farbe / colour
Piotr Ryczko
Yori Fabian
Agata Chodyra, Jacek Strzelczyk
Jakub Kopeć
Małgorzata Muszyńska
Paweł Stolarczyk
Marta Król, Marcin Sztabiński, Olaf Marchwicki, Marieta Żukowska, Janusz Chabior
Dariusz Głowala, Roman Jarosz
Holly Pictures Sp., z o.o
Storygeist Piotr Ryczko, Studio Dźwiękownia
Reel Suspects
Alberto Alvarez Aguilera
42 rue Rene Boulanger
75010 ,Paris
+ 33 695 49 65 63
Piotr Ryczko

Piotr Ryczko - – born in Poland and raised in Norway. He studied directing at the National Film School in Łódż and at the Wajda Film School. Ryczko is also an author and blogger. His books and stories are often the basis for his films. This is also the case for his feature film debut I AM REN.

MILA (2003, short)
BELOW THE SILENCE (2008, short)
SPRINTER (2008, short)
MONSTER (2012, short)
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