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Treasure City

Szabolcs Hajdu
Hungary, 2020, 92 Min

A highly topical episode film about the internal and external disintegration of Budapest society. While students protest on the streets, the small side streets and back rooms are where the great interpersonal dramas unfold. Captured with such merciless honestly and so pointedly written that the viewer can't look away, even if it hurts.

A mother tears her clothes off in front of a child in the flower shop. Employing political defamations she bellows out, from the depths of her soul, her desperation over the state of her marriage. A father humiliates his son even though he is most concerned about the latter's future. If you take a liking to a character, it will soon no longer be so and vice versa. Different networks of relationships are dissected, on all number of levels, with surgical precision. The film thus resembles a series of sobering slaps to the face and yet remains gripping at the same time, akin to a Swedish thriller. Szabolcs Hajdu tries to convey to his viewers that it is not political systems or hordes of refugees that are the cause of our misery, but instead we ourselves. With jealousy and suppressed aggression, and fed by hopelessness and boredom, we contribute to the dissolution of the basis of our coexistence. He manages the rare balancing act of making a deeply apolitical film about politics and society that comes to a wonderfully conciliatory end in a moment of true (cinematic) magic. JJ


After the film you can watch the Q&A between the film director Szabolcs Hajdu and FFC-moderator Joshua Jádi HERE.

Szabolcs Hajdu
Lajos Érsek
Szabolcs Olivér Kővári
Karola Nyitrai
Freakin' Disco
Lilla Sárosdi , Domokos Szabó, Magdó Pálfi, Nóra Földeáki, Szabolcs Hajdu, Ábel Krokovay, Orsolya Török-Illyés
, Lujza Hajdu , Fanni Wrochna , Árpád Schilling
Jim Stark, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Szabolcs Hajdu
Látókép Production Kft +36204843704 Testvériség utca 9 Budapest
Bord Cadre Films, Sovereign Films, Filmtett Assotiation
Orsolya Török-Illyés
Szabolcs Hajdu

Szabolcs Hajdu -

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