Section: Feature Film Competition

Zgnile Uszy

Rotten Ears

Piotr Dylewski
, 2020, 61 Min

A couple in crisis looking for professional help. A house on the edge of a village. A therapist who employs unusual methods.

Jacek and Marzena have been together for a number of years now and their relationship is starting to show obvious cracks. The two decide to give their love a second chance and go to the countryside for therapeutic treatment. Even the journey itself borders on a catastrophe. After the first sessions, which for Jacek and Marzena are as merciless as they are confusing, the strange therapist incorporates a second couple in the therapy process. Who is actually with whom and why soon becomes evident. Is it just a therapeutic role play or is there a bit of truth hidden behind it all? Or have Jacek and Marzena fallen into the clutches of a shaman? Gradually the plot threatens to get out of hand. A true psychological thriller that the viewer will be unable to extricate themselves from. KM


After the film you can watch the Q&A between the film director Piotr Dylewski and FFC-moderator Joshua Jádi HERE.

Piotr Dylewski, Magdalena Celmer
Grzegorz Hartfiel
Agata Dankowska, Martyna Gromotka
Maciej Bruno Sosnowski
Anna Adamiak
Krzysztof Kaliski
Magdalena Celmer - Marzena
Mikołaj Chroboczek - Janek
Michał Majnicz - Henryk
Piotr Choma - Filip
Paulina Komenda - Salome
Piotr Dylewski
Piotr Dylewski
Piotr Dylewski
Piotr Dylewski

Piotr Dylewski -

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