Section: U18 Youth Film Competition

Nothing More Perfect

Nothing More Perfect

Teresa Hoerl
Germany, 2019, 87 Min

Maya is 16 and longs for death. Or even more for the idea of it. So that she might at least once stir everyone up, get everyone's attentions, even when the price is life itself. She is yet to go further than flowery self-filmed goodbye messages on a suicide forum however.

That changes when Maya goes to Prague. While her parents, as young professional , only have fun and partying in mind, Maya's castle in the sky suddenly becomes something very real, a genuine threat. She meets sketchy medical student Sev, 22, in a bar. He offers her a sure-fire cocktail of pills for only 5,000 Crowns. Does Maya really want to kill herself however? What difference does her existence make to the world? Maya gets into a downward spiral that really leads her to question her life.

Teresa Hoerl
Johannes Brugger
Attila Makai, Philip Hutter
Teresa Hoerl, Laura Heine
Susanna Haneder
Matthias Hauck, Nepomuk Heller
Lilia Herrmann
Mira Partecke
Thorsten Merten
Konstantin Gries
Markus Mayr
MÄKSMY Films Bavariafilmplatz 7 82031 Grünwald 0160 68 53 651
HFF München
Teresa Hoerl

Teresa Hoerl -

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