Section: U18 Youth Film Competition

Ben Bir Denizim

I am the Sea

Umut Evirgen
, 2020, 75 Min

A heartbreaking tragedy about the powers of love. The 20-year-old Deniz collects waste paper. In contrast to the Syrian refugees, he always returns empty-handed. For this he is insulted by his father. An encounter with the mysterious Nisan changes his life. Driven by passion, a great rebellion begins.

Every morning Deniz sets off with a huge handcart to look for waste paper in the far corners of Istanbul. At the same time he is a fun-loving young man who engages in races with other recyclable waste collectors on the hilly streets. His father both humiliates him and also holds him responsible for his failing business endeavours. Deniz's hopes are raised when he gets into a passionate romance with Nisan, who is of the same age. Yet their love is tied to conditions; to money that his father denies him. Thus begins a vicious circle in which father and son betray each other and Deniz overlooks the signs of a completely different, unexpected yet burgeoning love. In between, we dive into daydreams of weightless existence in the sea; the place of longing for our young anti-hero Deniz. Both powerfully and mercilessly produced, we experience first-hand a world of work that has seldom been narrated so honestly. JJ

Umut Evirgen
Veli Kuzlu
Tuna Guler, Baris Asil
Naim Kanat
Omer Aybar
Cem Oget
Gurberk Polat, Serkan Keskin, Sitare Akbas
Umut Evirgen
Set Sanat Nispetiye Mahallesi, Nispetiye Caddesi, No 13, Beşiktaş Istanbul
Uğur Şahin
Ninova Films
Uğur Şahin
Umut Evirgen

Umut Evirgen -

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