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The Lawyer

Romas Zabarauskas
, 2020, 97 Min

A romantic tragedy in which grief is transformed into love. The Syrian sex cam worker Ali meets Lithuanian lawyer Marius, whose search for intimacy leads him to a Serbian refugee camp. Can the two navigate the gap that otherwise separates their very different lives however?

Filmtalk: THE LAWYER | English Q&A | FFC 2020

The life of the gay corporate lawyer Marius proceeds aimlessly from one day to the next. He spends his time with beautiful young men and fancy dinners. When, one day, his estranged father dies existential questions arise; above all the longing for a passionate and long-term relationship with another man. In an online video chat he meets Ali, who is stranded in Belgrade, and travels to meet him. But is it also true love for Ali, or is it all about getting a ticket to Europe? Starting from this extraordinary connection between two men Romas Zabarauskas also raises questions of the contrast between rich and poor and the resulting risk of exploitation. Owing to its outstanding cinematic composition, everything from the avant-garde gallery in Vilnius to the prefab buildings in New Belgrade is stylishly captured, whilst Ieva Marija Baranauskaite's elegant soundtrack rounds off this little pearl of a film. JJ

Romas Zabarauskas
Narvydas Naujalis
Kazimieras Cejauskas; Kipras Cesna; Mindaugas Juska; Lazar P
Ieva Veiveryte
Giedre Valeisaite
Ieva Marija; Baranauskaite
Eimutis Kvosciauskas; Dogac Yildiz; Darya Ekamasova; Denisas Kolomyckis; Danilas Pavilionis; Neringa Bulotaite; Aiste Dirziute; Naglis Bierancas; Simonas Mozura; Clotilde Rigaud; Aiste Gramantaite; Jelena Stupljanin
Romas Zabarauskas
Marco Urizzi
+33 1 53 95 15 04

Romas Zabarauskas

Romas Zabarauskas -

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