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Vlad Zamfirescu
, 2020, 240 Min

The corona viral hit sitcom from Romania about five actors who, whilst in quarantine, communicate with each other via Zoom. Nino has become a hypochondriac, Selu is a conspiracy theorist and Don has developed an addiction to gambling, while Ana has gained an interest astrology. Only Cati appeals to reason, unsuccessfully. Five attempts at coming to terms with a new reality that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes.

“Discutable” in Romanian describes something that is controversial yet nevertheless easy to discuss. The series remains true to this motto. The actors, who are friends in real life, at times seem so relaxed that it seems they are playing themselves. In fact, each episode is scripted and rehearsed for two to three days. The film was shot in the evening after the actors had put their children to bed. Everything online, of course. In the split-screen format that is typical of Zoom they passionately discuss their work (or rather the lack of it), up to and including serious arguments about the rationale of staying at home. The action never comes across as cramped however, nor is the hopelessness of the situation over-dramatised. Rather one gets the impression that the fun of the game and the real-life absurdities, which we were all able to observe during the lock-down, were the focal point of the featured comings and goings. JJ

Alexandru Popa
Dan Iancau
Cristina Dobritoiu
Cristina Dobritoiu
Vlad Zamfirescu
Cristina Juncu
Vlad Zamfirescu, Serban Pavlu, Carmen Tanase, Marius Manole, Medeea Marinescu, Nadiana Salagean, Kana Hashimoto
Cristina Dobritoiu
ATIC Pictures 10 Ivo Andric, Bucharest 030251 office@aticpictures.con 040756100103
Cristina Dobritoiu
Vlad Zamfirescu

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