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Don Gio

Don Gio

Michal Caban, Šimon Caban
, 1992, 90 Min

A society in upheaval pushes the theatre and its creative minds to (new) limits when "Don Giovanni" meets mud wrestling. Soon after the fall of the Iron Curtain capitalism falls like a predator over a refuge of high culture, as well as the country as a whole. A brightly coloured and highly eccentric musical full of meaning and depth from Czechoslovakia.

When the opera turns into cabaret and the old saying of “sex sells” counts for more than the pure beauty of Mozart's music, completely new interests come to guide an actor's actions. In the early nineties a market that strives for more and more rids itself of the shackles of socialism and greedily fills its pockets. How is an inexperienced director supposed to defend himself against the advances of a producer who gladly gives in to sinful temptations. A world of beauty and cunningness, which trades in its values for money, sex and drugs, can only result in wrestling for the scantily dressed. Brothers Michal and Simon Caban, jointly responsible for both script and direction, express loud criticism of the side effects of the transitional period with their “Don Gio” interpretation. In the process they make intelligent use the advantages of the stage in order to hold up a mirror to the uninhibited society beyond. DD

Šimon Caban
Martin Duba
Ivan Hájek
Michal Cuc
Šimon Caban
W. A . Mozart, Martin Němec
Karel Roden, Jaroslav Dušek, Ondřej Cutych, Chantal Poullain, Ida Saudková, Jana Hanáčková, Daniel Dvořák, Václav Chalupa
Ceska Televize Prag
Czech Television Kavčí hory 140 70 Praha 4
Barrandov Film Studios, Czech Insurance Company a.s.
Czech Television
Leoš Morávek
Kavčí hory
140 70 Praha 4
+420 261 137 046
Michal Caban, Šimon Caban

Michal Caban, Šimon Caban -

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