Section: Von Frust und Freiheit

Symfonia Fabryki Ursus

Symphony of the Ursus Factory

Yasmina Wójcik
Poland, 2018, 61 Min

More ode to a time than swan song! Workers warmly remember their time in the factory and are proud of what they created: powerful tractors that continue to perform their work tirelessly in the fields...

Filmtalk: SYMPHONY OF THE URSUS FACTORY | English Q&A | FFC 2020

Every single one of the 100 tractors, produced by over 20,000 workers in this factory every single day, was bursting with strength. For those involved the work was much more than just a means of earning a living. They were proud of what they achieved. They filled this huge industrial area with life, were more a community than simply colleagues, they cried and sang together. This era is coming to an end. At the same time those, in whose houses the candles trembled when the large metal press in the factory went to work, are growing older. In Jaśmina Wójcik's documentary we get to know some of those people whose homeland is gradually falling into disrepair. The protagonists look back with a warm melancholy rather than with a sense of grief. With the collapse of the old East their world is disappearing. This is a realisation with an unsavoury aftertaste, summed up by one of the factory workers in the film as follows: “Democracy is for them, the poeple in power. Not for us, the working class." DD

Igor Stokfiszewski, Jaśmina Wójcik
Kacper Czubak
Błażej Kanclerz, Maciej Krupa, Anna Rok, Marcin Popławski
Aleksandra Gowin
Jakub Wróblewski
Dominik Strycharski
Wojciech Marczewski, Zuzanna Król
Wajda Studio Chełmska 21 00-724 Warsaw +491781876787
Ben Bassauer
Müggelstr. 3
Yasmina Wójcik

Yasmina Wójcik -

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