Section: Von Frust und Freiheit


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Detlev Buck
Germany, 1993, 92 Min

No sooner has Most collected his brother Kipp after the latter's release from prison when the two of them set off with their belongings to foreign lands in the East. That is to Wendelohe, where their grandmother has bequeathed them a house. The naive adventurers act like colonial masters. Who here is playing with marbles however, and who with pearls, is only revealed at the end of the journey in this cult satire from Detlev Buck.

In the former West of newly reunited Germany the two brothers hadn't made a great job of making much of their lives. The road to supposed happiness in distant Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is long and rocky; and this not only due to Most's antique flatbed lorry. On the way they encounter young Nazis, seductive women, not-especially-streetwise swindlers and a fugitive yet armed Soviet soldier. Director Detlev Buck's particular, Nordic sense of humour and his playfulness with prejudices are the key ingredients of this German-German post-reunification comedy, not to mention the headline cast in which, in addition to Joachim Król and Horst Krause, stars like Sophie Rois can be seen in the lead roles. The naivety of the protagonists leads to, at times heavily caricatured, at others somewhat exaggerated entanglements and a rather surprising ending. DD

Detlev Buck, Ernst Kahl
Roger Heereman
Wolfgang Schukrafft
Peter R. Adam
Detlef Petersen
Joachim Król, Sophie Rois, Horst Krause
Claus Boje
Boje Buck Produktion 017696415803
Jonas Brockmann
Detlev Buck

Detlev Buck -

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