Section: Von Frust und Freiheit



Michał Marczak
Poland, UK, 2016, 100 Min

A film akin to a never-ending hedonistic ride through a Warsaw night. Electronic beats in the club, on the beach and at the festival set the rhythm of a life that is defined by drugs, dancing, sex and transience; a life that attempts to extend the moment of happiness into infinity.

The sound of nightlife determines the everyday life of art students Kris and Michał, it drives them seemingly aimlessly from one location to the next. Partying is the order of the day. One-night stands, romances and daydreams are part of the lifestyle and yet all lack any long-lasting significance. All the colourfulness of nightlife becomes just as much a backdrop as Warsaw itself with its eventful history, one that has left behind scars in the Polish capital. From the windows of the sterile loft, which one of the two lives in, we viewers look on like observers at the Palace of Culture and past it at the city that extends before our eyes. In the young life of the two friends that which has just passed is nothing more than a footnote. However when a state of exception becomes the new normal, monotony and a strange emptiness remain. While the bass from the clubs and parties reverberates loudly if muffled, the two of them search, quietly and secretly, for something that really moves them. DD

Katarzyna Szczerba / Michal Marczak
Michal Marczak / Maciej Twardowski
Dorota Wardeszkiewicz
Lubomir Grzelak
Krzysztof Baginski
Michal Huszcza
Eva Lebuef
Natalia Atmanska
Thomas Benski, Marta Golba, Julia Nottingham, Lucas Ochoa
Endorfina Studio / Pulse Films / Studio PUK +33 6 27 86 62 21
+33 6 27 86 62 21
Michał Marczak

Michał Marczak -

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