Section: Von Frust und Freiheit

Obchodní dum

The Last Prior

Tereza Vágnerová, Petr Januschka
Czech Republic, 2017, 21 Min

It is the last of its kind. Once a landmark and at the same time a place of consumption and for coming together, the department store today looks like a relic from another world that has stumbled aimlessly into the present.

The people to whom director Tereza Vágnerová and her colleague Petr Januschka dedicate their short film no longer breathe much life into the building. On the contrary, they too seem stuck in the past and yet they stoically continue to follow habits of old and attempt to come to terms, in some cases successfully, in others less so, with the “new times”. DD

Tomáš Fišer
Ielyzaveta Nazarenko
Tereza Vágnerová
Irena Armutidisová
Tomas Bata University in Zlin Univerzitní 2431 760 01 Zlín +420 777 586 895
Petr Januschka

Kozácká 5
10100 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 737078499

Tereza Vágnerová, Petr Januschka -

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