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Neurochlitz - Der Lange Weg Ins Nichts

Neurochlitz - Der Lange Weg Ins Nichts

Claudia Baradoy, Riccardo Wittig
Germany, 2019, 70 Min

Expelled from East Prussia and Silesia, they found shelter in wooden huts and barracks: and yet Neurochlitz was intended as a model village of socialist construction in the GDR. When the land reform of the post-war years, initially voluntary, evolved into forced collectivisation, many found themselves driven away again. Even after the fall of the Wall many continue to leave the village.

Resi and Paul are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the founders of the village of Neurochlitz; initially, in the post-war chaos of 1946, they found themselves stranded as displaced persons in Rochlitz, Saxony. When there both the space and food ran short, these exiles were sent on to the Uckermark as so-called new settlers. Here they literally constructed a village out of nothing. Decades later Resi and Paul want to know exactly what it was like to start anew back then. They seek answers from neighbours and families, from those who moved away and returnees, as well as local historians and chroniclers. The history of the village of Neurochlitz is depicted in the form of anecdotes, documents, photographs and film footage. Forced migration and resettlement were followed by new acts of flight: firstly after forced collectivisation and later from the unemployment that resulted from German reunification. Nowadays Polish families settle in the area. For them life around Neurochlitz is more affordable than in booming Szczecin across the border. WMH

Claudia Baradoy
Riccardo Wittig
Riccardo Wittig
Riccardo Wittig
Tamas Kahane, Toy Invention, Kai Arend
Bürgermeister Wilfried Burkhardt, Karin Gerstner, Jürgen Bülow, Sigrid Schulz, das Ehepaar Annelies und Günther Wenzel sowie der Historiker Reinhard Schmook vom Oderlandmuseum
Produktion 0170-2816260
Claudia Baradoy

Claudia Baradoy, Riccardo Wittig -

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