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Arthur Pohl
Germany, 1949, 85 Min

The fates of displaced persons condensed into a melodrama: German refugees from the east settle in a barracks on the Oder River. Long-term residents are suspicious of the strangers however and try to drive them out by force. Until a fire threatens to destroy everything and joint action is necessary. - An authentic picture of the times.

Refugees, expelled from the former eastern territories of Germany after the end of the Second World War, on their way to the city that is to become their new home. It's a long train of people, reminiscent of a river overflowing its banks. Then come the comments of the townspeople: “What kind of people are they?” And: “Nobody wants you here!”. An irrational fear of the “stranger” is rampant, as well as the worry of having to give up some of one's own wealth. Popular opinion triumphs over humanity. A wooden bridge connecting the barracks and the city is deliberately destroyed. Then however a devastating fire breaks out and all possible help is needed. Artur Pohl's melodrama is the only German film that, in the period immediately after the Second World War, condensed the issue of the displaced into a feature film plot. A parable about the facets of the human existence ranging from egoism and practical help in life, to despair and self-assuredness. In Brandenburg alone 200,000 refugees had to be accommodated; the newcomers made up 20 percent of the population. RS

Arthur Pohl
Fritz Arno Wagner
Erwin Kropf
Margarete Steinborn
Erich Zander, Artur Günther
Wolfgang Zeller
Fritz Wagner, Arno Paulsen, Steffie Spira, Albert Venohr, Hans Klering, Albert Hehn, Hans Stiebner, Hans Emons, Elfriede Dugall, Herbert Scholz u.a.
Adolf Hannemann, DEFA Ost
DEFA Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft
Deutsche Kinemathek
DEFA Filmverleih
Mirko Wiermann
+49 30 300903-634

Arthur Pohl -

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