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Fulldome – 3D in der Kuppel

Fulldome - 3D in the Dome

Thailand, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, USA, France, 2019/2020, 55 Min

Fulldome film screenings in the planetarium combine the viewing experience of the 3D format with the uniqueness of going to the cinema: immersive cinema in a public space. Going beyond the scientific didactic film, fulldome filmmakers sound out the possibilities of a cinematic genre that has made a significant contribution to the development of current VR formats. Without the need for 3D glasses a shared cinema experience is guaranteed. Here myths build up into stories, whilst geometric shapes, pixels and psychedelic variations expand the viewer's consciousness, at times meditatively, at others at break-neck speed. The interplay of shapes and colours increasingly incorporates ever more playful and narrative moments, allowing filmmakers to comment on the visions and limitations of the global community.

This year the programme, which runs on November 5th and 6th in Cottbus Planetarium, was put together by the FullDome Festival Jena. The leading German fulldome festival, it showcases current productions from all over the globe and discusses technical innovations and their influence on artistic narrative forms. Due to Covid-19, this year's 14th edition 2020 will take place in two parts, with the second due to run between November 20th and 22nd. (for further information see:

Thailand 2020, Grigoryants Arkadiy, 7 min.

Caution: For experienced drivers only. Are you ready for a new challenge? It\'s official! Ultimate Space Driver is out and ready to test your skills. Advanced and upgraded tracks, new futuristic locations, lots of thrills, and tons of excitement.Experience an immersive ride as never before. Feel the rush of excitement when the engine starts... See space crafts hurtling past... Smell the exhaust fume.

Belgium 2019, George Hoeylaerts, 5 min.

SACRDED SPACE is an immersive audiovisual experience especially adapted for dome screen projections and acts as a harbinger guiding us to the threshold of an ancient portal. It represents an inter-dimensional bridge built for those who recognize it and all who willingly open their hearts to communicate from the seat of their souls.

The Netherlands 2020, Julius Horsthuis, 11 min.

FRACTAL TIME is an abstract, immersive film that plays with the origin and future of our universe.

Germany 2019, Harald Opel, 5 min.

A 360 degree Video for the Pink Floyd Exhibition in the Dortmunder U 2018/19. This Video was shown all the Exhibition Time at the 1st Floor.

Spain 2019, John Melo, 10 min.

WHOLENESS asks about the being, using evocations of surreal landscapes, through an audio and video experimental project. It relates art, technology and ancient knowledge; its concept was developed through interpretations of geometric patterns inside Pre-Columbian graphical practices and my experiences with entheogens (Yagé) with indigenous people from the kamëntša community (Sibundoy - Colombia).

USA 2019, Lena Herzog, 8 min.

LAST WHISPERS is a project about the mass extinction of languages. It is an invocation of languages that have gone extinct and an incantation of those that are endangered. An immersive oratorio composed of their recordings. 40 different languages from around the world. Last Whispers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

France 2020, Arcaan Collective (Jérémy Oury, Antoine Briot), 5 min.

EMERSIVE is a 360° mesmerized experience inspired by the first atomic reaction experiments in a futuristic 8-bit video game world. Composed of a single sequence
camera shot, this fulldome offers an exploration of several spaces of molecular microcosms through grids, low poly and fractal forms with dominant of bright colors
like emerald green and purple typical of the synthwave's musical style.

diverse -

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