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Krajina ve stínu

Shadow Country

Bohdan Sláma
Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2020, 135 Min

Chronicle of a South Bohemian village and its inhabitants in the dramatic period from the 1930s to the 1950s. They used to live together peacefully, regardless of nationality or religion. But then they have to decide whether they are German or Czech, as friendly neighbours suddenly become mortal enemies.

Marie and Karel celebrate the christening of their first son. The whole village attends the exuberant celebration. Not long afterwards Hitler occupies nearby Austria and incorporates the country into Germany. Some South Bohemian villages near the border voluntarily pledge loyalty to the German Empire. The residents of Schwarzbach also have to declare their nationality. Against his wife's will Karel chooses Germany. Thus, in contrast to many neighbours, the small family survives the war reasonably unscathed. Marie in particular takes advantage of her position to repeatedly help her Czech and Jewish neighbours. In 1945 however the situation changes, as the town's Germans are subject to cruel vengeance.

In haunting black and white imagery director Bohdan Sláma tells a dramatic story of fanaticism, cowardice, resentment and revenge far beyond the end of the war, in a story inspired by real events. CF

Ivan Arsenjev
Diviš Marek
Marek Poledna
Jan Daňhel
Jan Pjena Novotný
Jakub Kudláč
Magdalena Borová, Csongor Cassai, Stanislav Majer
Jindřich Motýl, Martin Růžička
LUMINAR Film s.r.o. 2.května 2384 76001, Zlín 00420605777737
Česká televize, Filmpark production, s.r.o., i/o post, s.r.o
Jindřich Motýl
LUMINAR Film s.r.o.
+420 605 777 737
Bohdan Sláma

Bohdan Sláma -

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