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People and Gods

Bodo Kox
Poland, 2020, 270 Min

A historical action series about two members of a liquidation unit of Armia Krajowa, the Polish Home Army, in the fight against the Nazi occupation. The embodiment of coolness and wit, they shoot their way through Warsaw, saving the lives of many with their assassinations. At the same time, the burden of making decisions about the life and death of others comes to weigh ever more heavily.

Based on true events in connection with the special unit “Klaue”, which initially operated in secret against the Nazi occupation, as well as against the Communists and later against the Red Army, Bodo Kox pulls off a brilliant balancing act encapsulating both daring action sequences and deep insights into the spiritual life of murderers acting on behalf of the so-called "good". The main characters of the series are Commander Leszek Zaremba, nicknamed "Onyks", and Tadeusz Korzeniewski, otherwise known as "Dager". While the efficient and conscientious Onyks comes to understand the moral dimensions of his actions a little more with every deed and is haunted by the spirits of the dead at night, the (in-)attentive Dager increasingly gets himself into a frenzy of vengeance, which he justifies to himself in the name of higher goals, for which he is ready to take ever greater risks. Without realising that he is putting not only himself in ever greater danger in the process. JJ

Pro Re
Krzysztof Weglarz, Wenanty Nosul
Arkadiusz Tomiak
Milenia Fiedler
Pawel Jarzebski
Pawel Lucewicz
Jacek Knap
Dawid Dziarkowski
Marianna Zydek
Anna Karczmarczyk
Tomasz Schuchardt
Julian Świeżewski
Aleksandra Justa
Patryk Szwichtenberg
Katarzyna Dorosińska
Bartłomiej Kotschedoff
Dawid Dziarkowski
Jolanta Filipowicz
Telewizja Polska S.A. 17 J.P. Woronicza 00-999, Warsaw 0048601600939
Aleksandra Kazmieruk

Bodo Kox -

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