Szukając Tereski

Searching for Tereska

Kama Veymont
Poland, 2019, 60 Min

On the search for clues: two young people are looking for Tereska, the woman in a world-famous photo. The viewer travels the world with them and learns a lot in the process, including about himself.

Filmtalk: SEARCHING FOR TERESKA | English Q&A | FFC 2020

David Seymour described himself as a photo-reporter. He was a co-founder of the Magnum photo agency. He was born in Warsaw. After studying art and photography in Leipzig he travelled the world with his camera. After the Second World War he documented the war trauma experienced by the soul of the youth in Eastern Europe. The portrait of Tereska was one of those pictures. But who is Tereska, the girl in the picture? A journey through modern-day Warsaw and into the life of yesteryear. KM

Kama Veymont

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