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Rzhev - Unkown Battle

Igor Kopylov
Russia, 2019, 113 Min

The 1942 Red Army battle at Rzhev, fought at great cost and yet ultimately won. The focus of the many war action scenes is the self-sacrificing, heroic struggle of the Soviet soldiers for the fatherland. But for which fatherland? A question that arises time and again in the course of the plot.

A division of the Red Army was ordered to liberate and subsequently hold a village from the German Wehrmacht. Only half survive; they hope for reinforcements, which are never sent. Instead an officer from the security agency shows up to determine whether the soldiers have been reading enemy leaflets. The investigation is perceived as a breach of trust on the part of the government and sees critical questions about identity in the multi-ethnic state of the Soviet Union rise to the surface. Thus it is that the fight of the Red Army against the Wehrmacht evolves into the backdrop for a conflict that takes place within its own ranks. JP

Igor Kopylov
Edgar Zhamgaryan, Eugeny Kordunovsky
Dmitry Lebedev
Vitaly Vinogradov
Georgy Mirchi
Maksim Koshevarov, Alexander Mayev
Sergey Zharkov, Ivan Batarev, Oleg Gayanov, Arseny Semyonov, Alexander Gorbatov, Alexander Buharov, Grigory Nekrasov, Igor Grabuzov, Alexander Aravushkin, Dan Rozin.
Ms. Inessa Yurchenko, Mr. Sergey Scheglov
Triix Media and Kino Alyans 10, Kamennoostrovsky pr. ST.Petersburg 7(812)6066099
Olga Agrafenina
Igor Kopylov

Igor Kopylov -

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