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New Polish Animation - Passions & Desires

New Polish Animation - Passions & Desires

Poland, 2008 - 2018, 88 Min

As the pioneers of Polish animation transformed their private dwellings into studios following the end of World War Two, it represented the beginning of a movement, one which would lead to the world-famous “Polish School of Animation” in the 1970s, which produced such legendary figures as Walerian Borowczyk. In recent years, the torch has been passed to a new generation of animation artists: Marta Pajek, Renata Gasiorowska, Izabela Plucinska, Tomek Ducki, Tomasz Popakul and Marta Magnuska have found their way to new, unique, experimental forms of expression via traditional abstract visual styles and Polish poster art. Their works frequently involve the individual’s complicated entanglement in history and the associated consequences for personal identities caught in a state of constant unrest.

„Passions and Desires“ wird gemeinsam von interfilm und dem FilmFestival Cottbus präsentiert.

Nie masz dystansu / You are overreacting

PL 2018, 4 min. I Dir: Karina Paciorkowska

A hand-drawn animation that attempts to ask questions about the place of women in the modern reality. The film is (unfortunately) inspired by everyday life, statements of public figures, and the media.


PL 2016, 14 min. I Dir: Wiola Sowa

A film about emotional boundaries, both individual and relationship-related, that we want to pursue. By showing the sensual game in which the characters are involved, the film tells the story of mutual fascination, body expression, sensitivity and provocation. Two women and one man create erotic spectacle which reveals their involvement and loneliness resulting from getting lost in their relationship.

TeBelgeza/  The TeBelgeza

PL 2018, 4 min. I Dir: Tessa Was

Simple ink drawings become wild dances of bodies and limbs. They change between sexes and become stuck in transformation.

Laska / The Chick

PL 2008, 5 min. I Dir: Michal Socha

A humorous look at the typical stages in male and female relations: getting to know one another, dancing, having fun and then sex - love's consequences are frequently absurd.

Pies Schroedingera / Schroedinger's dog

PL 2016, 9 min. I Dir: Natalia Krawczuk

A short story of a man, a woman, their dog and a couch. Their common days are filled with boredom and taking naps, but things will change when their pet will suddenly disapear. How simple yet complicated our relationships can be and whether we can feel lonely despite living with someone else.

Portrait En Pied De Suzanne / Portrait Of Suzanne

PL 2019, 15 min. I Dir: Izabela Plucinska

In the midst of deep loneliness, a true love once believed to be lost grows out of an overweight foot. A miracle? Or greedy delusion?

Inny / The Other

PL 2018, 5 min. I Dir: Marta Magnuska

This group of people is afraid of a creature that is said to be gruesome. But will this creature ever appear?


PL 2018, 12 min. I Dir: Marta Pajek

Encounters between two strangers become subsumed by the details of touch. The body eludes our grasp. A game of masks played by skin and hair.

Laznia / The Bath

PL 2013, 4 min. I Dir: Tomel Ducki

Two elderly ladies meet for their weekly swimming ritual. This time, they dive even deeper into the water.

Kosmos/ Cosmos

PL 2016, 2 min. I Dir: Daria Kopiec

This animated film tells of attraction and yearning, of the wish to be desired and the feeling of floating in endless spheres.

Tango tęsknot / Tango of longing

PL 2018, 5 min. I Dir: Marta Szymańska

People get closer in tango. They stir up desire and envy and negotiate conflicts in the entwined rhythmic movements.

Cipka / Pussy

PL 2016, 8 min. I Dir: Renata Gasiorowska

Spending an evening alone at home, a young woman feels a slow wave of desire well up inside her. What comes next is unexpected.

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