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Jan Březina
CZ, 2022, 71 Min

A grunge musician on the search for clues. 19-year-old Erhart wants to protect his mentally ill mother from the forced sale of her home. In attempting to do so he uncovers a scheme that reveals to him the secrets of his long-vanished father in a visually powerful work that incorporates elements of both family history and post-socialist myths of construction.

Erhart, with his head of curly hair, enjoys playing the drums and prefers a grey-black grunge look. Now, however, the young man has to take care of his seemingly confused mother and help her fight against an order, delivered in line with the dictates of the new objectivity of the era, that she be evicted from her now dilapidated house. Meanwhile, industrialist Novotny, a candidate for the Senate, lives in far more magnificent settings. What does he have to do with Erhart's father, who first was sent to prison and later disappeared? Jan Březina narrates a detective story full of menacing visions, one which furthermore asks questions of the founding myths of today's Czech Republic. What really happened in the 1990s, during the transition from dictatorship to democracy, in this symbolic provincial town, with its steelworks that saw the literal merging of secrets both big and small.

Text: Kira Taszman
English: Peter Rickerby

Kammerbühne: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Jan Březina
Jan Skriečka
Tomáš Oramus, Anna Jesenská
Michal Böhm
Zdeněk Eliáš
Martin Hůla
Filip Březina, Klára Soukupová, Petra Jungmanová, Elizaveta Maximová, Přemysl Bureš
Marek Novák
Xova Film
Martin Gazda, Jordi Niubó - IS Produkce, i/o post
Jan Březina

Jan Březina - Jan Březina (1980) started filmmaking while studying Film Studies at Charles University in Prague. He later studied Film Directing at Prague's FAMU, under Věra Chytilová, graduating in 2014 with medium-length feature MARIA STOCK, which premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF and received the Discovery Award at 2014's Cottbus IFF. ERHART is Jan Březina's fiction feature debut.

Erhart (2022, 71min, CZ)
Maria Stock (2013, 50min, CZ)
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