Section: Youth Film U18 Competition


Rock. Paper. Grenade

Iryna Tsilyk
UA, 2022, 93 Min

A nostalgic coming-of-age film from Ukraine. In the midst of the post-Soviet nineties young Tymophiy makes the acquaintance of war veteran Felix. An unusual friendship full of ups and downs develops between the two. Soon however Tymophiy is faced with the question of whether a devilish madness from his war days isn't raging in his friend's head?

Tymophiy lives together with his mother and grandmother in a pretty if somewhat cramped apartment. One day his grandma brings the ageing war veteran Felix back from a drinking tour and shortly afterwards the quirky old man moves in. What initially seems doomed to be a misadventure soon turns out to be the source of the boy’s first deep friendship as well as that of a substitute father who prepares him for the harsh adult world. And yet the radicalism with which Felix goes about life, which is at times interspersed with brutal violence, and his nightly panic attacks testify to the fact that a blazing fire is raging in the soul of this Afghanistan veteran. In three episodes, Iryna Tsilyk tells of how, over the years, the two friends engage with one another in a highly entertaining but also tragic way, and how ultimately their lives develop in very different directions. The screenplay is based on the novel “Who Are You?” by Tsilyk's husband Artem Chekh, who most recently wrote of his own war experiences in an essay entitled "I've Accepted my Death". A thought that, even in his worst nightmares, he probably couldn't have imagined at the time this film was made.

Text: Joshua Jádi
English: Peter Rickerby


Kammerbühne: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Iryna Tsilyk, Artem Chekh
Viacheclav Tsvetkov
Serhii Stepanskyi
Ivan Bannikov
Vladlen Odudenko
Yukhim Chupachin
Vladyslav Baliuk, Yuriy Izdryk, Anastasia Karpenko, Galyna Veretelnyk-Stephanova,
Andriy Isaenko, Volodymyr Gladky
Volodymyr Yatsenko, Anna Yatsenko
ForeFilms, Ltd
Iryna Tsilyk

Iryna Tsilyk - Iryna Tsilyk is a filmmaker, writer and screenwriter from Kyiv. Her award-winning film "The Earth Is Blue As an Orange" has won the “Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary” at Sundance Film Festival 2020, as well as numerous other honors. This film has been also officially selected to Berlinale film festival, IDFA, CPH:DOX, Hot Docs and more than 100 other International film festivals.

Previously, Tsilyk directed short documentary and fiction films. "Rock. Paper. Grenade" is her debut full-length fiction project which is based on the novel of Ukrainian writer and Iryna’s husband Artem Chekh.


2022 Я і Фелікс / Rock. Paper. Grenade (fiction, 90 min)
2020 Земля блакитна, ніби апельсин / The Earth Is Blue As an Orange (documentary, 74 min)
2017 Тайра / Tayra (documentary, 10 min)
2017 Малиш / Kid (documentary, 15 min)
2016 Дім / Home (fiction, 12 min)
2012 Помин / Commemoration (fiction, 24 min)
2008 Вдосвіта / Blue Hour (fiction, 10 min)
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